The 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying Life Insurance

by Bob Barney, President of COMPULIFE® Software, Inc. 

1. Not Having Enough Life Insurance

If you die your dependents lose the paycheck that you brought home each month. Do you now how much lump sum capital it takes to replace your paycheck, for a given period of time? It's a simple calculation to provide your dependents the income that they will need if you are no longer here to provide that income.

At you will find an "Income Replacement Calculator" that lets you easily see how much life insurance it takes to provide your family with the income that you earned while you were alive. And if you focus on insuring your paycheck, everything else takes care of itself. Why? Because you pay all of your expenses from your paycheck and if your family continues to receive that paycheck, they can go on doing what they did before you died.

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2. Buying the Wrong Kind of Life Insurance

Most people should buy term life insurance. We need life insurance to protect our families during the period that we work and earn a paycheck. For most people, once we retire, the need for life insurance is greatly diminished.

The least expensive product, to provide income protection, is term life insurance. No other website compares more term life insurance products than And the people who bring you do NOT sell life insurance. That makes the most objective and unbiased source of life insurance comparison information available on the internet - ANYWHERE!

3. Failure to Shop and Compare Prices

Prices vary dramatically for the same life insurance policy, from different companies. No one life insurance company has the best premiums for each person or situation. allows you to to instantly compare life insurance and to do so anonymously. It's a consumer's dream for finding the best deal.

Once again, No other site compares more life insurance products in the U.S. and Canada than The reason is simple, is powered by the Compulife life insurance database. Compulife's comparison software is the most unbiased and objective source of life insurance data in the industry - no one has more companies and products. At at Compulife includes all the companies and term products that it can, and life insurance companies pay NO fees to appear in the software.

IMPORTANT: quotes all the term products found in the Compulife database. With one click of the mouse, you will see the best rates available.

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4. Failing to Get More Than One Opinion

When you buy a life insurance policy from an agent or broker, that agent/broker is paid a commission by the life company.

NOTE: Commissions are sales fees built into every policy and premiums are non-negotiable. The same policy sells for the same price, no matter from who or how you buy it.

Consumers rely upon agents to provide advice about which policy is best to buy, how much to buy, etc. Doesn't it make sense that the agent who provides you with the best advice deserves to be the agent rewarded with the commission that your purchase will generate?

The big question is, "How can you be sure you are getting the best advice?"

There is ONLY ONE WAY to be sure: get advice from more than one agent and compare the advice.

As an important option, lets you obtain a list of 3 life insurance agents, who shop the current life insurance market using the Compulife insurance comparison software. With a single click of the button you can contact those three agents and let them compete for your business.

We realize that many people enjoy talking to agents about as much as they enjoy a visit to the dentist, but getting the most competitive premiums and products for life insurance can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the period that you will need life insurance. A good agent can make sure that you have enough coverage, at the best prices, so that if the unthinkable happens, your family can carry on without a financial catastrophe.

IMPORTANT: has no tricks or gimmicks. You can INSTANTLY run term life insurance comparisons without having to ever divulge personal information such as your name or contact information. In the event you want an agent to contact you, and only if you initiate that process, do you provide your name and contact information.

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Feel free to run all the comparisons you want and make sure your friends and family know that is the place to shop for term life insurance.

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